You’ve found the all-new and redesigned website of All Of Me HOST BAR and All Of Me Too BAR & MASSAGE in Seductive Sunee Plaza in Pattaya, Thailand!


THAILAND is an incredible country. It is a wonderful place to visit and to live.

Those of us who live here can tell you that it is safe and welcoming. We encourage you to visit soon.

If you haven’t been here before, chances are you will want to return again and again.


PATTAYA, billing itself as the ‘Extreme City’ is unique. There is plenty of Thailand here, but there are also visitors and residents from all over the world.

A sleepy fishing village, it became a major ‘rest and recuperation’ destination for U.S. military personnel during the Vietnam war. Since then it has grown into one of Thailand’s busiest and most cosmopolitan cities.

Pattaya is located on the beautiful Gulf of Thailand and is just a 90-minute drive south from Suvarnabhumi (Soo-wanna-phoom) International Airport.





Seductive SUNEE PLAZA is just one of three predominantly gay business districts in Pattaya. In addition, there are gay discos, nightclubs, karaoke bars, saunas and resorts spread throughout the city. Of course, you will want to visit Boyztown and Jomtien Complex, as well as SUNEE PLAZA. Each is unique. Each has something special to offer you. SUNEE PLAZA may the most difficult to find, tucked away on two small private streets (soi), but it is worth looking for! You will find maps and directions in the LOCATION page of this website.

We were blown away when readers of Out Magazine voted All Of Me HOST BAR as their second favorite gay beer bar (after the venerable and famous COPA in Boyztown) in Pattaya. And All Of Me Too BAR & MASSAGE is the ONLY gay massage shop in SUNEE PLAZA! So come and visit us, and all our neighbor host bars, gogo bars, restaurants, guesthouses and shops. You’ll be glad you did!

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